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Life Work Planning – do you know your skills?
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No time to read? Just listen to the blogcast:  From time to time everyone will ask themselves whether what they do every day is really fulfilled. Or if the skills are somewhere else and they are not yet exploited. This … Read More

Tiring of commuting and business travel? 4 tips how to get the most out of traveling
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No time to read? Just listen to the blogcast.   Commuting is always exhausting, you will say now. It takes time, costs money and often you can’t rely on getting through smoothly – whether by car or public transport. That’s … Read More

Why another article about content marketing?
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Isn’t there enough out there? Due to it’s complexity of both content marketing and content development, all the different aspects of this strategic marketing tool need to be addressed separately. Content marketing is much more than content development – it’s … Read More

Welcome in agile Marketing – key for business success?
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I published my first blog article about agile marketing already in 2016 – interestingly, I can see that it’s still relevant today. So, just thought to share this baseline again. This shows that companies are still on the transformation journey, … Read More

Marketing 4.0. makes a difference for agile and lean transformation
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In old business-models, it might be still confusing when marketing talks about transformation. For a successful business 4.0. model it’s essential to involve marketing in every transformation step and further ahead enable the organization to support marketing transformation. Always starting … Read More

Cross-Channel Marketing
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Do you already live cross-channel or still in silos? Your customers are active across all channels – online and offline. Hence it is essential to play all channels. Cross-channel marketing is todays’ marketing strategy. What does that mean for your digital … Read More

Agile management – Youngsters only or also for Oldies?
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No time to read? Just listen to the blogcast: Working agile, overcoming traditional project and organizational hierarchies seem to be cool, especially for youngsters. Assumed freedom for independently picked tasks and self-organized implementation. No one is allowed to delegate or … Read More

Soft Skills – required only in agile work or everywhere?
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No time to read? Just listen to the blogcast: http://one-stop-marketing.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/SoftSkills-ENG-FINAL.mp3   It’s often been said, especially in a digital and agile working environment, that leaders of today need specific skills. However, I wonder if soft skills should only be expected … Read More