Why another article about content marketing?

Isn’t there enough out there?

Due to its complexity of both content marketing and content development, all the different aspects of this strategic marketing tool need to be addressed separately. Companies are still on the transformation journey, and must learn to fully integrate marketing.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing helps you to pitch your products to your customers. So, you’re asking now „What’s new“? as you are doing exactly that for years.

Content marketing is the strategic content planning and it’s development. Content Development must follow this content marketing strategy.

For content marketing you need to change approach and perspectives. Content is spread across different online and offline channels all along the  daily life of your clients. And this requires new rules to follow. Language, content length need to be adapted to each of the single channels. A good sample here is Twitter – you only have max. 145 characters to share your message and to influence whether users will read further.

Further more content marketing is a strategic marketing tool that supports sales and the overall corporate goals. It is required to target the content by also transferring the company philosophy. In general it’s all about authentic stories around your products throughout the entire campaign life-cycle.

Content Marketing focus on information about the product and the company rather than on the product itself, see also this definition from Content Marketing Institute.

The process of content marketing

Content marketing must become a standard part of your marketing strategy to eventually support the overall business development. Each of your new content marketing campaigns need to be based on a strategic content development.

Starting with a clear definition of your target audience and KPIs per conversions, followed by the definition of appropriate keywords for SEO as well as targeted and product related channels. Very important is your knowledge about the market – who are your competitors and how do they talk to your customers?

After all this preparation  you can start your content development appropriate. However, these generic questions are base for your pre-defined channels:

  • Who shall buy your product?
  • Why should your target audience really buy your product?
  • Is your product unique and why?
  • When is your product needed? How does it lighten your customers’ life?
  • Can your product be emotionally promoted?
  • What would you like to achieve with your campaign?

There are different options to create your content marketing strategy and the following content. However each of these following 2 templates can make your planning much easier:

Your customers will only accept your content marketing when it’s authentic, reliable and adding value.

See here some best practices:

German: Content Marketing Institute

English: Salesforce

Keep in mind for your planning and strategic content development: remain flexible and always measure your success. This will ensure that you can adopt your content ad-hoc and real-time to any changed customer or market behavior. Only that your content marketing strategy will support the company goals at a long-term.

How far is your content marketing? Is your content development already strategically integrated in your corporate marketing plan? 

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