Successful and sustainable marketing by lean and agile project management

Definitely, holistic marketing can support company's digital transformation. Following some of my examples:

  • Concept and support of digital transformation for an international consulting firm
  • Training in digital media for employees, customers, media, press relations
  • Strategic and content driven concept and launch of global eRecruiting processes

For years, I'm living agile and lean project management. Cross-functional marketing teams (global, local, remote) can apply as best practices. Following some of my examples:

  • Established and lead remote teams (min. 3 members)
  • Established and lead on-site teams (min. 5 members)
  • Motivation and support of self-learning processes
  • Encouraging individual goal reflection, adaptation and extending
  • Initiating self-organized, cross-functional teams (sales, account management, recruiting, marketing)

Today, after more than 20 years we're talking Digital Marketing 4.0.  Following some of my projectsuccesses:

  • Global Marketing Design Lead of 7 industries
    • Training of client teams and marketing teams in digital communications and processes
    • Concept and launch of targeted (client centric marketing / account based marketing) marketing strategies and programs
    • Concept and launch of salesdriven//RFP targeted communication programs
  • Launch, training and execution of integrated, holistic social media editorial calendars
  • Creation of re-usable off- and online content
  • Integration social media across all digital communications
  • Re-launch global targeted websites

Branding works with targeted content and added value. Today, you'll find many global studies about it - however, I've implemented this since years:

  • 80% awareness increase so that premium business medium called for content
  • 100% presence increase in social media
  • Definition and launch of the terminology „Employer Branding“ in Germany (2000)

Marketing can initiate innovations and does by integrating all elements in one holistic strategy. Following some of my innovations:

  • Concept and launch of the very first “KarriereTV” on n-tv
  • Concept and roll-out of multimedia presentation integrated in live business theater for a leading banking organization in Germany
  • Concept and launch of its’ first of its’ art digital jobfair

Holistic and integrated marketing comprises all tactics and channels - all along the customer journey. Programs are never stand-alone but are always linked to the companys' marketing strategy - and not only today as mentioned in studies. Following some examples.

  • Concept and launch of holistic, best practice marketing strategies to open new communication channels, markets and target audiences
  • Local and international events
    • CCM - Account Based
    • Product Launch
    • Exhibitions
    • Pan-european conferences with accompanying trade show
  • Re-usable cross-channel content
  • Targeted content that added real value

Awards are very motivational for further efforts. Hence, I'm proud about the following 2 awards that I'd received for successful projects which I had created and realized with cross-functional teams.

2007: Marketing Excellence – Accenture

2000: Management Circle of Excellence for Contribution to Sales "Support Above and Beyond" - TMP Worldwide

August 10th, 2019 by Sylvia Lohr