You are looking for the all-in-one-star suitable for all occasions? You're not alone!

I can't offer that, believe me. However, I can promise to quickly and easily create and implement sales-oriented marketing programs? Want to proof that, just contact me.

When I started my marketing career  25 years ago, I'd never expected how stretching marketing can be and will stay. Marketing 4.0., Digitization and new working models have generated business disruption and transformation.

Coming from the analogue world, living in the digital universe, I understand transformation and its’ requirements. Hence, my passion for holistic and integrated B2B Marketing Strategy. Teams and customers rely on my agile and lean processes to analyze situations and to express possible solutions. Success can only be realized as a team.

Fast learning, collaboratively development and execution of ideas and programs are only some of my strengths. Additionally I’ve often been told, entrepreneurial thinking as well as hands-on attitude, flexibility, innovation and motivational spirit.

Due to my experiences as sals & marketing director, I'm able to create and execute holistic and sales targeted marketing.

I enjoy change and transformation while keeping focus on objectives, being always interested in further personal development, preferably working in an environment with teams built on individual strengths, ideas and heterogeneous approaches. Rigor hierarchies and rules rather impede creativity needed by a team to come up with new ideas and innovations. Hence I'm working agile and lean to enable individual high performance and collaborative success. Through my scrum master certification I gained deep insights into the agile manifest which I incorporate into each marketing project management.

As one of the first in Germany I'd launched internet communications and eRecruiting processes and platforms for a global consulting company. Pioneering in the analogue world that still enables me to expand in the digital universe.

I'm looking forward to meeting you to learn about your challenges. Contact me.